4 Tips to Attract More Clients to Your Agency

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As agency owners, we spend a TON of time, money, and resources to build our business and provide valuable services to our clients. But without enough clients, all of that hard work doesn’t get used to its fullest potential … My agency went from 0 to 527 agency clients in just 18 months, and these are some of the best strategies we used to do that.

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How to Make More Sales & Increase Your Close Ratio

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Sales is hands down the most important thing you need to get good at if you want to build a business. If you’re not good at sales, you won’t have customers no matter how great your service or product is. A ton of people go into a sales conversation with their guard up. That’s because they’re used to “bad” sales people who make them feel uncomfortable. Your job is to knock that wall down and turn your sales pitch into a conversation.

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How to Turn a Blog into a PDF

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If you want to generate way more traffic while saving time, I have a simple solution for you: convert your already existing blog posts into PDFs. Create more content from something that already exists. It’s a really simple process, only takes a minute to complete, and there’s a few good reasons to do this.

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How I Went From 0 to 527 Agency Clients in 18 Months

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When I first started my agency, my expectations weren’t nearly as high as they are today. Like many entrepreneurs, my story began with tough times that put my family in a very difficult situation during the worst part of the economy in 2009-2010. … My wife convinced me to work it out, and with some great mentors and books, I realized there were a few things I needed to work on in order to get out of this funk and build the 7 figure agency I was able to build over the next 2 years.

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